Thursday, March 3, 2016

Quick note on Pinterest accounts

I am starting to have students create Pinterest accounts.  Pinterest is a wonderful tool for gathering ideas, pretty much a virtual corkboard.  It is a searchable, virtual treasure trove for those that are creative and need inspiration.  After a discussion of aesthetics and what that term means, they are creating an "art" board and then searching and pinning art that is "aesthetic" to them.  Outside of class they are free to create boards of their own that may include other areas of interest.  Brainstorming, being inspired and finding ideas is a huge component of the artistic process and pinterest is an incredible tool for that.

A couple caveats:  Students cannont block others from following them, therefore it is searchable and their account is public.  Students have had education on digital citizenship, however they need to be mindful of this and their pin choices.  We have discussed this.  Also, Pinterest requires one to be 13, and the last thing I want anyone to do is lie about it.  I am of the opinion that with my guidance and with their digital citizenship curriculum behind them, they are capable of safely navigating and using this tool.  I am currently having some student volunteers create emails to write pinterest asking for options/thoughts on the matter, and I will be including them in a letter I write as well.  Anyone under the age of 13 has choices: looking on with other students and working in collaboration with them, or has emailed you with a request for you to create a shared account that would allow access, or they can just choose to forgo the experience until they are 13.  I have plenty of ACTUAL BOOKS (wow! They exist) that they can use to gather information as well.  Thanks!

Feel free to take a look yourself!  Its more than just a wedding planning or birthday party guide!

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