Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Story silhouettes...

Incredible results.  Students took the ideas surrounding spontaneity and play with making backgrounds, a silhouette that relates to them (scene from childhood, spirit animal, or own likeness), and the creative problem solving of putting them together in a cool way with positive/negative space interacting...  All a recipe for some complex art!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Welcome to a new year in Middle School Art: Themes--Story and Art

Welcome to a new year in SCS middle school art!  We have jumped in head first by working in stations, creating paper for the backgrounds of our first project, which allowed us some hands on play those first few days, all the while getting to know eachother and/or playing summer catchup.

Today we had a discussion about all of the famous artists that we knew.  We knew a lot about  lot of creative, amazing artists throughout history.  Unfortunately, most of them had the common denominator of being male, white, European or from the US, and dead.  After some discussion, that although we appreciate what these artists have done, we recognized how limiting knowing only these artists and seeing only their perspectives can be.  Especially when we begin to think of artists as storytellers, telling their story, their perspective, visually.  In art this year, we will be studying the art of various people from various times and cultures, with an emphasis on those still alive and working today...  And then we'll use them as inspiration for telling our own creative stories and collaborating to create new ones!