Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Arts & Citizenship: Trimester 1 art show: Life and Death

8th grade Independent arts: Students use the entire trimester to plan and execute an independent arts project, supported by me (Carin Lilly), Diana Burritt and Christina Kelsh.  By art, we mean they may choose from music, drama, dance, visual and new media.  Their work must revolve around/build off of a theme that they, as a cohort, decide on the first day of class.  This theme was Life and Death.  Throughout the semester they kept a log of their progress, as well as met in small critique groups to reflect upon their work and look for places to improve upon what they had, using the Liz Lerman process.

Currently, their show is up in the arts wing of the school.  Swing by to see.  Below are a few highlights.

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