Thursday, February 23, 2017

REVOLUTION: worth fighting for!

A giant collaborative project based off the work of Shepard Fairey, whose work is influenced by the style of traditional revolutionary propaganda posters.  Students took digital portraits and used the pixlr app to stylize their work after his or revolutionary posters.  The 7th graders then did a four color reduction block print of their photos.   The 6th graders created block prints answering the question:  What is worth fighting for?

A small group of students then came in and combined the words and images in order to leave a powerful visual statement of portraits and words.

REVOLUTION showcase: 6 by 6 project

6by6:  Artwork in response to other artists’ work

7th graders chose and researched an artist from a large list of artists who worked within revolutions and social movements.  They then created an artwork in response to the artist’s work.   This artwork had to be the size of 6 inch by 6 inches.